Everything to know about the types of t-shirt printing

Are you looking for more information about the types of t-shirt printing online? T-shirt printing is a process that can be used to create custom t-shirts for personal use, promotional events, or for a business. There are several different methods of printing that can be used, and each has its own set of pros and cons. This blog post will discuss the different types of t-shirt printing methods and help you choose the right one for your business.

Screen Printing

We are experts in screen printing t-shirts to hoodies.

Who embroiders hat


Embroidery is the go to option for hats to polos and more.

Digital Prints

Screen and digital printing all in one like never before.

Retail Finishing

Retail Finishing

We'll print or sew tags and poly bag for a professional look.

There are various types of t-shirt printing available today. The methods described in this post are what we specialize in and do not explain all the methods available to you such as sublimation, rhinestone, cut and sew, and more.

White t-shirt with a "place photo here" design

Screen Printing T-Shirts

Screen printing is the oldest and most traditional method of t-shirt printing. If your old printed shirt still looks fantastic, it was most likely screen printed. This technique, also known as silk screen printing, produces excellent design replication. Many professionals use this approach since it provides satisfactory results.

It involves creating a stencil of the design and then printing it onto the fabric using a screen printer. Screen printing is best for designs with a limited number of colors and is ideal for small quantities.

This is the most popular type of printing for businesses. It is a tried and true method that produces high-quality prints, making it perfect for designs with a limited number of colors. Best of all, it is also inexpensive for large quantities, making it ideal for businesses that need to produce a lot of t-shirts. For these reasons, our specialty when speaking of types of t-shirt printing is based around this department.


  • Vibrant Colors
  • Affordable at high quantities
  • Long-lasting
  • Quickest turn around


  • Expensive for small quantities
  • Long setup time
  • Plastisol isn't environmentally safe
  • High minimum orders

Color Count Examples

This design uses "spot colors". This means that you just print the colors that you see. In this case, it's solid colors red and black printed. 

Black and white prints, aka grayscale, are an affordable way to print pictures. We use halftones re-create the various shades. 

This design uses "spot colors". This means that you just print the colors that you see. In this case, it's solid colors red and black printed. 

Photo realistic images incorporate halftones to create the illusion that different shades of colors exist when in actuality the colors are just blending

Screen Printing Popular Add Ons

Neck Tags

Print your logo, size, and
wash care instructions!


Print the sleeves along with the front, back, tags, and much more.

3D / Puff Printing

Add to all or parts of the design.
We can only puff one color.

Real Scenes

Feel free to send us a picture. We've got the talent to bring it to life.

Pantone Matching

Choose from hundreds of colors
from our Pantone color chart.

Over-Sized Prints

Enlarge your art up to 14.5" wide by 18.5" tall at no additional charge.

Poly Bag

Nicely fold and poly bag your garments for a professional look.

Mix Techniques

Since all of our work is done in-house you can combine techniques.

Embroidering Polos & Hats

If it's custom embroidery services, we've got just what the doctor ordered! Our experienced team will handle any order with ease and precision so be sure no detail goes overlooked in this process. Every stitch counts when creating a masterpiece at our shop (even if it's small ones). Best of all, there aren't many companies that can offer such low prices without cutting corners on quality like Garment Decor.


  • Professional appearance
  • Extremely durable threads
  • Great for hats and bags
  • Perfect for personalization


  • Expensive for large designs
  • Slower production
  • Not good for small text
  • Can wrinkle thin fabrics

Embroidery Popular Add Ons

Embroidered and Fabric Patches

We'll work with you to create a patch that perfectly represents your passion

Glow In The Dark

A fun, unique way to add some light and excitement to your wardrobe.

Polyneon Threads

Bring a touch of luxury to your design with polyneon gold threads.

Mix and Match Colors

Go ahead and mix it up – with our wide selection of colors and styles.

Unique Placements

Make a statement or add a touch of distinction with unique will do the trick.


Have your garments embroidered in multiple locations for a unique look.

Woven Labels

We can embroider or screen print text onto the inside neck of your garments.

Mix Techniques

Blend these two techniques on the same garment for a creative look.

Types Of Embroidery

Create your own custom embroidered patches with our variety of fabrics, threads and backing options. We offer heat-pressed backing or sewn on options for bags to jackets.

Flat stitches can be wrapped with satin stitch for extra dimension. This type of embroidery is very popular for clothing brands to businesses that want to add a slight puff to their artwork.

3D puff embroidery is a great choice for those looking to make their designs stand out. The foam material underneath the embroidery threads is what raises the artwork up. 

Applique is perfect for hoodies, varsity jackets, and denim. The minimum order amount varies depending on the artwork but we recommend at least 50 units due to the considerable setup.

Digital Squeegee T-Shirts

Our digital squeegee machine is perfect if you're looking for full-color and water-based prints. This is the future of screen printing since the setup time is drastically reduced which means lower prices and quicker turnaround. It's far improved over direct to garment since there is no pre-treatment and we can screen print on 100% polyester. Best of all, you can print as large as you want on the t-shirt or hoodie since pricing does not depend on how large the print is. Fun fact, this technique is the newest out of all the types of t-shirt printing we have described.


  • Water-based inks
  • Extremely detailed prints
  • Super soft on cotton t-shirts
  • Quick turn around


  • Not good for full coverage designs
  • Colors aren't as vibrant as plastisol
  • Setup is still required
  • 50 unit minimum
Digital Squeegee

Digital Squeegee Examples

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