Garment Decor's Factory Direct Screen Printing Service

Your Printer And Partner.

We’re a group that’s been screen printing since 2011. We have the experience you need to get your logo onto t-shirts, hoodies and more! Our experienced team can print designs with ease using different types of inks for extra creativity options–from puff prints or metallics all the way up through multiples locations on one garment.

We’re tech savvy, talented, and what your brand needs.

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Large Capacity

Thousands of garments per day.


Vibrant Inks

We'll bring your design to life.


Special Effects

3D and so much more.


Professional Printers

100+ years of experience.

Popular Add Ons

Neck Tags

Print your logo, size, and
wash care instructions!


Print the sleeves along with the front, back, tags, and much more.

3D / Puff Printing

Add to all or parts of the design.
We can only puff one color.

Real Scenes

Feel free to send us a picture. We've got the talent to bring it to life.

Pantone Matching

Choose from hundreds of colors
from our Pantone color chart.

Over-Sized Prints

Enlarge your art up to 14.5" wide by 18.5" tall at no additional charge.

Poly Bag

Nicely fold and poly bag your garments for a professional look.

Mix Techniques

Since all of our work is done in-house you can combine techniques.

Helpful Guides

Standard Print Locations

Standard Ink Colors

Turn Around Times

Artwork Tips


Understanding Production

Placement Variations

Garments are put on the machines by hand so we ask for a bit of leniency. This can vary up to 1" for various reasons. We totally understand this can be a cause for concern, so please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about this. We are only here to produce merchandise you love and can re-sell, because if you grow then WE grow!

Real production vs a computer vs a phone

We wish screen printing and embroidery would print the same quality as what you see on the computer. But, the truth of the matter is it can not.

Therefore, it's really important you understand that we ask for some leniency when replicating graphics from computers onto blank apparel. Factors such as the fabric content to the fabric thickness to the budget you allow Garment Decor will all play a role.

Please keep in mind that leniency is needed throughout all steps of production.

Washability of the print​

Customer: "How long will my print last?"

Garment Decor: "40 - 50 washes"

Customer: "What will happen?"

Garment Decor: "Color fade and cracking of the print may occur, but, if customer's wash it in cold water and hang dry then it will last longer. But, if they wash it in hot water and a hot temperature then it will not."

Garment Decor And Your Vendor

There are many great companies in this industry. Each has their specialty and areas of focus from quick turn arounds to specialty prints. We believe our value comes from working 1 on 1 with our experts who will suggest the best garments for your purpose and that fit within your budget. Also, we are pretty tech savvy. We have invested a large amount into our online ordering system so you can keep track of your screen printing orders 24/7. Plus, we're big on texting! A lot of customers find this valuable and easy to work with.

A "Subjective" Opinion​

We pride ourselves on our implementation of only hiring talented printers, purchasing high quality inks, thorough artwork approvals, and printing on high quality fabrics. Yet, our opinion on what these steps entail may be different than yours. We totally get that. We hope you express your views before we begin printing which would be during the quote stage. But, we can't be held liable to the definition of a subjective opinion. If this description makes you a bit nervous, we totally understand and would appreciate you if you speak to us before placing your orders.

Why do you ask for balance up front?

We are committed to producing quality products that you can be proud of. That's why we ask for a balance up front in order cover the costs associated with garment purchase and labor work on your order, because at this point it is not just about making money but also ensuring our customers get what they want when delivered beautifully packaged by people who care deeply about their craft.

How should I submit my artwork?

The best way to create art for screen printing is in vector format. Vectorized images can be resized without losing their quality, which means you'll never have a blurry or pixelated design on your shirt!

Keep in mind though, high quality PNG, JPEG, and JPG in 300 DPI files at 13" wide by 19" tall can absolutely do a great job as well.

How can I lower the costs of my print?

The cost of screen printing is determined by a variety factors, including the quantity and location(s) for your design. It's not always easy to calculate these numbers yourself so we recommend meeting with one our experts who can help make sure you get everything just right!

What if I do not like the blank garments?

You have a lot to think about when purchasing an online garment. This is why we encourage you to try before you buy, even if it's only with the sample option. Once our team prints your custom logo onto any blank garments and sends them out for approval or inspection- there are no returns! If uncertainty grips control within then don't place orders until everything feels right-- because once ordered; all sales final.

Can I print on more than one type of garment?

We love fashion, and we want to make sure that your experience is just as enjoyable. Our equipment doesn't know the difference between different types of garments, so feel free to mix and match with whatever suits you best! If you're not too sure what colors and fabrics will look best for a screen printed garment then please feel free to ask our experts!

Easy To Understand

Screen printing is a great way to get large quantities of printed clothing quickly and easily. But unless you're doing the printing yourself, it can be tricky to know who to trust with your order. Not to worry—we've got you covered! Our team is experienced in producing high-quality screen prints for any occasion. Plus, our pricing is simple and straightforward, so you'll know exactly what you're paying for. Check out these tips below.

No Setup Fees

The best way to understand pricing is to keep it simple. Therefore, the price you see is the price you pay! No additional setup costs to consider since we have it wrapped into one price.

Text Friendly

Looking to order something but don't want to pick up the phone? Well, you're in luck! Just text us your order and we'll take care of the rest. We're here to help through email, text and phone call.

24/7 Online Tracking

It's so satisfying to see "order placed" turn into "shipped" and finally "arrived." Well, with Garment Decor, you can view the status of your orders 24/7! So relax and know we've got your order covered!

Price Breaks

The more you order, the more affordable it gets. Mix and match styles and sizes within your order as long as the design remains the same then quantity discounts absolutely apply!

Color Count Examples

This design uses "spot colors". This means that you just print the colors that you see. In this case, it's solid colors red and black printed. 

Black and white prints, aka grayscale, are an affordable way to print pictures. We use halftones re-create the various shades. 

This design uses "spot colors". This means that you just print the colors that you see. In this case, it's solid colors red and black printed. 

Photo realistic images incorporate halftones to create the illusion that different shades of colors exist when in actuality the colors are just blending