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Popular Techniques

Customize your items further with our variety of styles and methods.

Spot Printing for
Solid Colors

Print up to 8 colors using our standard and PMS color charts

Half-Tone Printing for Gradients

Blend colors to create other colors using half-tones.

Grayscale Printing for Images

Convert designs into black and white with accurate replication.

Our Ink

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Name SuperSoft Bold



A water-based ink that literally dyes the fabric of your t-shirt. Depending on the shirt fabric, SuperSoft could result in a more vintage looking print, but always one that's extraordinarily soft.
A high-opacity water-based ink that creates a slightly thicker print than SuperSoft. It has a bit of a feel to it, but results in an exceptionally vibrant print across all colors and fabric types.
Ink Base

Water Based Ink - This decorative type of ink literally soaks into the shirt fabric instead of sitting on top of it.

High-Opacity Water-Based Ink - This heavier, more durable water-based ink sits on top of the shirt for exceptional vibrancy, but still doesn't crack or fade.


Soft and Unnoticeable - Since the ink actually dyes the fabric, rather than sitting on top, you won’t feel the print on the shirt at all.

Raised to the touch - Since the ink isn’t fully absorbed into the fabric, your print will have a little bit of a feel to it.


Partial to full - Brightness is slightly reduced by the ink settling into the fibers of the shirt, picking up fabric textures. Printed brightest on 100% cotton t-shirts.

Vibrant - Brightness is notable, providing a burst of vibrant color on any shirt type or color.

Color Matching

Pantone approximations - Colors will be close to the selected Pantone color, but not exact due to the natural blending of ink and fabric.

Pantone match - Pantone color matching is accurate and consistent.


Fabric dependent - You can print Supersoft ink on any fabric type, including dark shirts. Just keep in mind that colors won’t be quite as punchy as our Bold ink.

Fabric agnostic - You can print Bold ink on just about anything and have it look great. Pick the shirt you like best and get started.

Design Details

No underbase - The lack of the "underbase" in the printing process means designs retain greater detail and definition.

Underbase layer - Based on the printing process, and the need for the "underbase" layer, some of the finer details may not be quite as sharp.


Is it right for me? - SuperSoft is the right choice for you when you want a lightweight shirt that is incredibly soft, durable and pliable. The print will last longer and won’t flake or crack over time. The clarity of details in the print will be phenomenal, though colors won’t be quite as intense as Bold printing.

Is it right for me? - Bold ink is the best option when you want incredibly vibrant colors that seem to jump off the shirt. It’s a bit heavier and thicker in feel than SuperSoft, and won’t be quite as pliable. It works on absolutely any shirt fabric, meaning your results will be consistent, right down the Pantone you’ve selected for your design.

Guaranted Delivery

All orders - Shipping dates are guaranteed on all orders using our SuperSoft Ink.

All orders - Shipping dates are guaranteed on all orders using our Bold Ink.

Add-On Services

Best in class branding services for your brand, business, or event.

Our Screen Printing Process

We take this serious so you don’t have too.


Our graphic designers proof every order so you can have full assurance every order has a double set of eyes looking over it.

Quality Checks

Upon request, we’ll send you a picture of your first print so you can approve before we move forward with production.


Our ink drying process is best in class so you can gurantee that your ink won’t crack or fade after one wash.


We pride ourself in accurate replication
from computer to shirt in regards to color, detail, and sizing.

Screen Printing FAQs

Embroidery is the ideal choice for staff uniforms as this method creates excellent brand recognition and a clean, strong finish. For this technique, your design is loaded into our embroidery machine and fixed in place using clamps.

Standard Color Charts

Prepare your items for retail with add-ons. Infuse your branding to your products and stand out with our retail ready add-ons.

Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


Cornsilk Yellow


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