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What is Digital
Screen Printing

It's screen printing and digital printing wrapped in one. All possible by the new M&R Digital Squeegee.

Feels Like Screen Printing

We use a white water-based screen print to lay down the under base.

Looks Like Digital Printing

We print your design in full color using our digital squeegee after.

Garment Decor's Digital Squeegee AS Colour Classic White Shirt

Advantages of
Digital Screen Printing

This process is geared toward those who need digital printed t-shirts in bulk. Enjoy volume discounts with minimums starting at 50 and price breaks at 75, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000+.

1. Unlimited Colors

Full color printing on garments with no limitations on color count.

2. Better than DTG

This does not require pre-treatment which greatly improves quality & feel.

3. High Resolution

Print up to 300 DPI and beyond with brilliant clarity.

4. Cost Effective

Most affordable way to print digital artwork in bulk. 

You're going to love this.

Digital Squeegee Examples

Full color digital prints that feel like screen printing.

The Differences Betweeen

Digital Squeegee vs DTG Printing

Everything You Need to Know

Digital Squeegee Vs DTG Blog Photo Picture

Digital Screen Printing

Avg $ Per Print:As low as $2.50
Best for:Minimum order of 50
Feels Like:Butter & Soft
Bulk Discounts:Yes
Shirts Per Hour:400

Direct to Garment

Avg $ Per Print:As low as $10
Best for:No minimum order
Feels Like:Stiff Ink + Pre-treatment
Bulk Discounts:No
Shirts Per Hour:30
Digital Squeegee

When to Use
Digital Screen Printing

Not all artwork is best for digital screen printing. Here is a guide.

You have:Photo realistic artwork
Artwork Type:High detail / shading / color
Fabric Material100% Cotton or 80%/20% blend
Quantity 50 Minimum
When Not To UseSolid color vectors

It's easy to see who is the clear winner in the digital squeegee vs DTG debate. Our digital squeegee prints faster, at a lower cost, and eliminates the ugly appearance of pre-treatment stains.

Artwork Prep For Digital Screen Printing

Keep this in mind when you submit orders.

File Types

PNG, AI, or EPS preferred

Art Resolution

300 DPI

Max Print Size

15" x 18" in height.

Art Tips

Designs with high detail / shading is best.

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