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Custom Embroidery Guide

Learn why leading organizations depend on Garment Decor for their custom embroidered apparel and how custom embroidery helps boost your brand.

Why Choose Garment Decor


Vibrant Color

Make your logo or brand stand out in vivid detail with rich color.

Premium Threads

Made of 100% polyester, our threads have a nice sheen and won't fade or shrink.


Custom embroidered shirts, jackets and hats will last years of continued wear and wash.

From the beginning, our customized embroidery service was built with the customer in mind. We tirelessly work to make your ordering experience as easy and effortless as possible!

Our Embroidery Service Process

Ordering your custom embroidered jackets, shirts, baseball hats and personalized apparel is easy with our 5-Step Method.

Step 1 - Embroidered Design Submission

Shop any of our apparel or promotional products. Send your image at info@garmentdecor.com.

Once we receive your design, we clean it up and figure out the best process for embroidered custom hats, polo shirts, jackets, or other apparel.

Step 2 - Personalized Quote

Design goes immediately into production where our team hoops and sews custom embroidery for hats, polo shirts and other merchandise.

Step 3 - Hoops and Sews
We send the design off to our embroidery team, who quickly and carefully hoops and sews the logo onto the customer’s products.
Step 4 - Quality Assurance

Eagle-eyed QA team trims, cleans up and triple checks each product to ensure complete and total accuracy.

Step 5 - Shipping

Immediate shipping from our embroidery shop to your door, with UPS tracking and guaranteed delivery date provided.

Four Embroidery Styles to Choose From


Flat Stich




3D Puff



Add-On Services

We have been tirelessly perfecting our process and we take great pride in the simplicity and efficiency of our operation.



neck labels

Thread Change



+$5 with $30 setup

Vector Services


Custom Threads

ink change

Fold & Bag

fold and bag

3D Puff


Hard to Hoop


Sew Out

ink change


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Recommended Products for Embroidery

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Custom Embroidery for Your Business Brand

Embroidery is the ideal choice for staff uniforms as this method creates excellent brand recognition and a clean, strong finish. For this technique, your design is loaded into our embroidery machine and fixed in place using clamps. Then your design is embroidered into the clothing. We have specialists operating our embroidery machines to ensure you get the best results.  

Embroidery is long-wearing, making it great for children’s clothing, work uniforms, and sports kits. The final embroidery size will be checked and approved after you submit your digital artwork.

Please note that some small details may be lost with embroidery. And while thread colors have equivalent Pantone color codes, they’re not exactly the perfect match. Want to make sure if embroidery is for you? Feel free to talk to our Garment Decor expert. You can also learn more about our embroidery services here.


Embroidered logos look more sophisticated, established and secure, which gives it a higher perceived value. Customers trust companies that have more refined apparel. Embroidered uniforms give your company improved respectability.


Instead of a plain shirt, custom shirt with embroidery makes a statement and exposes your company name or logo to more people. An example is putting embroidery on baseball hats that people usually wear.

Limitless Branding

Make logos unique with different embroidery styles such as custom embroidered patches, flat stitch, 3D puff and appliqués. Talk to our experts if you are unsure of the type of embroidery suitable for your apparel.


Custom shirts and aprons with your staff’s names give your business a great impression with customers, break barriers, and improve customer service.


Embroidered apparel levels up corporate gifts, add a personalized touch and build relationships with customers.


There are many options when to comes to lettering, materials, colors, fabrics, etc. Our staff has years of experience in the embroidery business and can assist you with questions. Let’s work together to make brand stand out!

Ready to get Started?

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