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Frequently Asked Questions

It really boils down to us wanting to make our customers happy. 

It’s that extra bit of re-assurance we offer that keeps our customers coming back and back. Our motto, “your printer, your partner” is really what we live by.


It really depends on the change. Let’s say you would like the print moved a tad then it will not delay production. But, if you change the design then it will! This is because we have to go back to the drawing board and start again. 

Ink change = Delay 

New design = Delay

New placement = No delay

Our specialty is purely printing, so we do not keep any inventory of garments. When you purchase garments from us we buy them from a distributor. They specialize in apparel just like we specialize in printing, so we work together. When we ship garments back to them there are shipping and re-stocking fees associated. 

Please make sure you are confident in your purchase before ordering since typically it’s $25 per box and 20% re-stocking on the blank garments. 

Great question! Although we have “Garment” in our name we do not keep inventory of blank garments. 

We specialize in the “Decor” of Garment Decor which stands for decoration. 

Our specialty is screen pritning and embroideyr only, so we purchase the blank garments when you order from us from various distributor.s.

It’s a huge help if you keep your cell phone on you during normal business hours from the time you place your order to the time you receive. 

We are a text friendly company and any one of our reps will likely reach out this way during the life span of your order. 


Fees and delays are the last thing we want! 

It’s best you review your quote and artwork approval, so that when we get down to production it’s smooth sailing. 

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions. 

We get it. Large purchases often involve many people and it’s hard aligning everyone sometimes. 

An order will never be cancelled, but fees may accrue since we also have people on our end that are waiting. This is always the last resort, so please do your best to get approvals as soon as possible. We’re in this together.

Please keep in mind that there is a difference between what you see on a computer and real life. We understand this difference so our three step approval process is in place to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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