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Our wholesale and in-house screen printing, embroidery, transfer, and DTG services are perfect for those needing custom-printed garments such as t-shirts to hoodies to long sleeves and much more. All orders go through a multi step approval process to ensure order accuracy. We start with a quote and once you approve then 24 - 48 hours after we send a final artwork approval email. You'll see an "Accept" or "Reject" button, so we won't move forward until you give us the okay! The last step is called a "Sample Before Production" which is optional and there is a cost associated, but this ensures your order meets your expectations. 

Screen Printing Price Guide


Keep in mind, you can mix various styles of garments, from t-shirts to hoodies, within the same order! Pricing does not include "add-ons" or the blank garment.

Embroidery Price Guide

Prices are based on number of stitches. Estimating the stitches is difficult until your design is "digitized", but a rough estimation consists of:

Text only is 0 - 4,999. Text based + clip art is 5,999 - 7,499. Larger than 4" x 4" is 7,500 +. 

Direct to Garment Price Guide

Prices are based on print surface area

Heat Transfer Price Guide

Prices are based on print surface area.

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