You should know that woven labels come in many shapes and sizes.

In this video, we review the most popular options and compare them against screen printed neck tags!

The most popular options used for sewn labels on garments are centerfold and flat labels while we find that most clothing brands opt for screen printed tags due to its ease of execution.

Requires a Seamstress

Sewn Labels

Ideal for larger quantities

Utilizes Ink

Printed Labels

Great for cost effective branding

Learn about our Top 5 Tips For Screen Printed Neck Tags

To Summarize

Follow These Steps

Step 1

Understand How To Design

Use the proper font and size for your vision 

Keep in mind that the clarity you see on a computer screen will not translate exactly when printed on fabric.

t-shirt screen printed neck tag examples
Step 2

Know your fabric

Design for t-shirts, fleece, or both.

Remember that printing on t-shirts allows for small details to be replicated accurately while fleece has a more difficult time.

Screen printed neck tags in grey ink
Step 3

Find Inspiration

You may find inspiration from viewing our portfolio

Check out our portfolio to see if there are designs that our customers have created that you may be able to pull inspiration from.

Step 4

Educate Yourself

The more you know the better your brand will be. 

Understand and thoroughly review our most frequently asked questions. We've been in this industry for over 10 years, so get to know what others have asked.

Step 5

Sewn In Vs. Tearaway

Know the difference between tag styles

It's important to know the outcomes of ordering from a brand that delivers sewn in vs. tearaway tags. While most people aren't concerned it doesn't mean you won't be.

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