Everything you need to know about screen printed tags

Customizing your own neck tags can be a daunting task for the unknowing. However, after reading this blog post, you'll be in the know with everything you need to keep in mind about screen printed neck tags.

Low minimums

Starts at 72 units

Easy to customize

Add your own design, size, and care instructions.

Screen printed neck tags are the perfect way to take your brand to the next level.


We calculate the number of different items in your order to assess the accumulative total when quoting your project.

Cost Per
$ 0.75 As low as
72+ Items: $2.00
150+ Items: $1.50
250+ Items: $1.25
500+ Items: $1.00
750+ Items: $.85
1,000+ Items: $.75
$ 75 set-up cost
Includes size run of S-3XL
Removal of existing tear away label
Single color only
No color change
Addt'l set-up for fabric changes
Add'tl set-up for 7 sizes or more

Tag Tips & Suggestions

 By adding your own tag, you give the impression to your customers that you manufactured your merch from the ground-up. This means you can often charge more when it comes to selling your product online.

Design Size

We recommend 1.5-2.5 inches in width. The height would be proportionate to that.

Font Size

We recommend fonts that are no less than 8 pts. Remember, tags are typically 1.5-2.5 inches in width which isn't a ton of space

Tag Color

We recommend printing your tags in grey as it would look best on any colored garments. It also prevents bleeding through the backside. However, we can print any color you request.

Avoid Stark Contrast

If you bring black tags on a white t shirt, you'll find the labels bleeding through the backside of the shirt. A muted color like grey helps prevent this.

Fleece can be tricky

Avoid small details when printing on fleece as legibility is more difficult to achieve with small letters.

Get Creative

Tags are the perfect place to add your logo, slogan of choice, size of garment, and care instructions. Make it fun in your own way.

Examples of Tag Printing

You can design them exactly how you want them to be.

Frequent Questions

If there is something we missed, please let us know by e-mail:

Can I do custom colors

Yes, but it's not recommended. Other colors have a tendency to bleed through the garment and/or don't print as crisp as our default medium gray ink.

Can I add my own size

Yes, and you'll make sure you want to include that in your design. This is how we'll distinguish what each size the t shirt is. You can either abbreviate using "M" for medium or you can spell out the entire word.

What other information is required

We recommend visiting this page to gather the specifics:

What does a screen printed tag feel like?

Screen printing tags have very little feel to it and almost feel like it's part of the garment itself. This is because screen printed tags use very little ink when transferred onto the garment. This means there is no itchiness to the print and often why brands prefer this method over woven labels.

What happens if i'm printing on different fabrics

If you have multiple fabrics, then we suggest to exclude the fabric content. This is because we have to create an additional screen for each fabric. Thus, the costs add-up. We recommend using other phrases to describe your product to fill in the space like:

  • "Made with Love"
  • "Printed in Los Angeles"
  • "Premium Grade"
  • "Refer to website"
Do I have to include wash instructions?

You can include as much or as little details into your tag design as you'd like.

Can you print tags on fleece?

Yes, but fleece is tricky. This is because fleece has nappy "hairs" that prevent a smooth printing surface. As a result, very small letters may not be as crisp.

How do you print our label if it has an existing tag?

It's simple, we remove it. 

Your order includes tear away tag removal

Is this Legal?

Yes, it's assumed you will be replacing the manufacturer's tag with your own. The reason these blank companies exist is for brands, like yours, to purchase and re-sell them with your logo printed and labeled on the inside neck tag.

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