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Hands Free Acrylic Key


Our touchless acrylic key works as a safety door opener and button pusher for a no-contact solution

In stock


In stock


Open doors, press buttons, and close drawers securely and safely with our touchless acrylic key. This portable stick prevents you from having to touch public surfaces and reduces possible contact with bacteria and viruses. 

How to Use the Touchless Key

The door handle assistant has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use by grabbing the handle by the hook and pressing the tool with the opposite hand. This button pusher tool also attaches to a keyring for convenience. Simply secure it to your keys and go! It is easy to clean with alcohol, wipes, and sanitizer after each use.


  • Multi-purpose zero touch tool: open doors, press buttons or keypads, open or close drawers, flush the toilet, and more.
  • No contact: Reduces direct contact with surfaces and frequently touched objects.
  • Durable material: Hard acrylic can withstand regular cleaning with alcohol, wipes, and sanitizer.
  • Convenient: Easily attaches to Keyring (split ring not available)
  • Portable stick: Measuring 4″ W x 1 1/2″ H x 3/16″ Thick, it is convenient to carry anywhere you go.
  • Gift idea: Personalized safety hand tool is a perfect gift for business or personal use.

With this acrylic key, you don’t have to touch public facilities and surfaces with your hands. It prevents possible contact with infectious bacteria and virus, making you more protected than other people who don’t use this safety tool.


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