Screen Print on T shirts
Screen Print on T shirts
Screen Print on T shirts


Wholesale Screen Print on T shirts

Product3001 BELLA + CANVAS – Unisex Jersey Tee 
DecorationSpot Color Screen Print
MaterialsWood, Paper
Design NameSugarhill

Screen printing on T-shirts is a great way to create custom garments at a very low cost and produces results that are second to none.

Here at Garment Decor, we offer a high-quality screen print t-shirt. We have some new designs that you can check here in our portfolio.

We use high quality inks and screens to produce your shirt. First, we create a stencil of your design. Then, we apply ink to the stencil and transfer it to your shirt. We cure the ink so that it will last. Finally, we inspect your shirt to make sure it meets our high standards before shipping it out to you.

What sets us apart from other screen printers is our attention to detail. We take the time to make sure your design is just the way you want it. We also use high-quality inks and materials so that you can be confident your shirt will last. Excited to get your collection started? Order your shirt today and see the difference for yourself!

Feel free to contact us so we can help you get started with your wholesale screen printing on shirts.

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