Tonal technique embroidery
Tonal technique embroidery
Tonal technique embroidery
Tonal technique embroidery


Tonal Technique Embroidery

ProductSS3000 Midweight Crew Neck Sweatshirt
DecorationTonal Embroidery and Puff Embroidery 

8.5 oz (280 gm) cotton/polyester blend fleece

Design NameNetflix

Tonal Technique Embroidery on a Logo

Tonal technique is one of the methods that we can do here at Garment Decor.

It’s a unique and interesting technique that can be used to create beautiful designs. In conclusion, it involves using a colored thread that has the same color as the fabric. This technique can be used with different colors to create interesting and eye-catching designs. Check out what we did for this Netflix logo on SS3000 Midweight Crew Neck Sweatshirt.

How Tonal Embroidery Works
Basically, tonal embroidery uses a single color of thread to create a design. The color of the thread is chosen to contrast with the fabric so that the design stands out. This technique is often used for delicate designs such as flowers or animals. So, to create the design, the artist first draws the outline of the shape onto the fabric. Then,  they stitch along the lines using a running stitch or chain stitch. As a result, the number of stitches per inch will vary depending on the desired effect. Once the entire design has been completed, the thread is cut and tied off.

If you are looking for a unique and interesting embroidery technique, then you should definitely try tonal embroidery. This old-school technique can be used to create modern designs that are sure to catch the eye. Get creative and start experimenting with this fascinating technique today! Contact us now 🙂

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