Earffy Digital Squeegee screen printed shirts
Earffy Digital Squeegee screen printed shirts

Digital Squeegee Screen Printing Sustainability "Earffy"


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ProductEC1000 econscious Unisex 100% Organic Cotton Classic Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
DecorationJohn Doe
Materials5.5 oz., 100% certified organic ringspun cotton
Design NameEarffy

How Digital Squeegee Screen Printing Can Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Are you a small business looking for an eco-friendly printing solution? Digital squeegee screen printing is the answer. This modern technology prints directly onto the fabric, eliminating the need for screens and greatly reducing environmental impact. Let’s explore how this process works and how it can help your business reduce its carbon footprint.

The Basics of Digital Squeegee Screen Printing

Digital squeegee screen printing is a unique form of digital printing that utilizes pressure-sensitive inks and meshes that are specially coated with a substrate to create a variety of patterns, designs, and textures.

The process can be used to print on fabrics, paper, plastic, metal, wood and other materials. The images or text printed on these materials can also be laminated or finished to add extra durability and protection against fading or wear.

Advantages of Digital Squeegee Screen Printing

Digital squeegee screen printing offers several advantages over traditional methods of fabric printing such as silk screening.

For starters, digital squeegee screen printing eliminates the need for screens which reduces the amount of time it takes to complete each project. It also requires less setup time since all that is required is setting up the machine to run the software program used to create the design.

Additionally, because digital squeegee screen printing does not require any kind of hazardous chemicals like those found in traditional silk screening processes, it reduces waste production as well as potential health risks associated with exposure to toxic chemicals.

Finally, digital squeegee screen printing produces vibrant colors that last longer than those created using other methods.

Digital squeegee screen printing provides many benefits over traditional silk screening processes including less waste production, faster turnaround times, and more vibrant colors that last longer than those produced by other methods.

It’s an ideal solution for small businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact while still providing high-quality products to their customers.

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Check out this very informative video from Devyn and Adryan as they talk about the difference between screen print and digital print.

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