Customized screen printed joggers in orange full view
A zoomed in view of customized screen printed joggers with puff ink

Customized Screen Printed Joggers

Project Showcase

ProductMade Blanks Joggers
DecorationPuff Screen Printing
MaterialsCotton Blend
Design NameAngel

Customized Screen Printed Joggers for Dreamboy Clothing

Looking for customized screen printed joggers for your clothing brand or business? If so, this project may convince you to not only order them, but raise or “PUFF” your design as well.

We sourced the blank joggers from Made Blanks who states:

Introducing the future of sweatpants. Made of 100% Organic Cotton, the Recess Sweatpants’ ultra durable heavy-weight but soft fleece is suitable for temperatures as low as 50°. Heavy fleece feel imitates the look of denim or khaki. Versatile silhouette with adjustable cuffs for straight or classic sweats fit, truly the best sweatpants out.

  • 16OZ | 100% ORGANIC COTTON




They are very popular with clothing brands since they feature an urban fit, made of premium ring-spun cotton, and have that quality “Made in LA” feeling. Best of all, since they are thick they are able to allow our screen print puff inks to react beautifully.

Pro Tip: The difference between this premium jogger fabric and a more affordable fabric such as Gildan Joggers style 18200 is clearly noticeable.

Step one of our production process is to send our customer an artwork approval email. This is a final confirmation of exactly what we will print. Once approved, then we begin setting up the machines to screen print.

Once our machines are set up, we always provide a free sample before production first and text message a photo before moving into production. Yes, you read that correctly! We text message a real photo straight to your phone for you to approve before we move forward with screen printing production! This ensures peace of mind that your expensive customized screen printed joggers will be delivered as expected.

The process takes between 7 to 10 business days for most orders from the time the order is placed to the time they’re ready for pick up. If you need them quicker than this, please don’t hesitate to contact us for our rush screen printing and embroidery service.

Contact us to get your very own customized screen printed joggers created for your clothing brand or business!

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