This photo is of a custom embroidery bucket hat​ in black
This photo is of a custom embroidery bucket hat​ in black zoomed in
This is a photo of black bucket hats on Garment Decor's embroidery machine

Custom Embroidery Bucket Hat

Project Showcase

ProductStructured Cotton Fisherman’s Hat 450-PL-BLK
Materials100% Cotton
Design NameB.B.B.

How to Custom Embroider Bucket Hats in Bulk

Custom embroidery bucket hat bulk production is our specialty. This style of hat is a popular choice for businesses and clothing brands. If you’re looking for something instead of the normal snapback or dad hat then consider custom bucket hats. Regardless of the type of material – cotton, polyester, or a blend – we have the embroidery thread and experience to produce high-quality results.

For this project, we embroidered for “B.B.B.” Clothing Company. They chose premium black Decky bucket hats and we embroidered 350 in less than 8 business days.

This blog post will show you how we were able to complete such a large order in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality.

Step 1: Design Preparation

The first step to create a custom embroidery bucket hat is to send us your design and let us know the dimensions we should embroider it in. This digitizing means it needs to be converted into a format that can be read by an embroidery machine. This typically costs between $35 – $50 per design and takes 1 – 2 business days.

Once the design is digitized, the next step is to determine what color thread will be used for the embroidery. To do this, we’ll show you our available thread colors and ask which one you like the most.

After the design and thread colors are finalized, we load the design file into our embroidery machine software and select the proper machine settings based on the type of hat material (cotton, polyester, etc.).

Step 2: Embroidering The Design

The next step is to position the hat onto the embroidery hoop (a metal or plastic ring that holds the fabric in place during sewing). We then sew the design onto the hat brim using a zig-zag stitch. Depending on the size of the design, this process takes anywhere from 1-5 minutes per hat.

Step 3: Checking The Quality

Once all 350 hats are embroidered, we conduct a final quality check to make sure that there are no loose threads or premature wear & tear on any of the stitches. If everything looks good, then it’s time to package up the hats and ship them off to our client!

Follow these three simple steps and you’ll be able to produce high-quality custom embroidery bucket hat wholesale orders quickly and efficiently!

Keep in mind, our wholesale screen printing and embroidery services start at 50 units per design.

If you need help with any part of the process, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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