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Screen Printing Ink Color Chart

Yellow PMS 106
Chrome Yellow PMS 122
Gold PMS 1235
Orange PMS 021C
Blaze Red PMS 1795
Scarlet PMS 1797
Brite Red PMS 187
Dark Cardinal PMS 188
Dark Maroon PMS 490
Maroon PMS 491
Purple PMS 491
Fuschia PMS 226
Fl. Pink
Columbia Blue PMS 285
Sky Blue PMS 2985
Opaque Blue
Royal Blue PMS 293
Marine Blue PMS 072C
Navy Blue PMS 289
Turqoise PMS 3145
Forest Green PMS 343
Kelly Green PMS 349
Grass Green PMS 348
Lime Green PMS 361
Grey PMS 429
Vegas Gold PMS 4245
Tan Flesh PMS 4655
Texas Orange PMS 471
Med. Brown PMS 477
Shimmer Silver
Shimmer Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Gold
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