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About Us

Our Story

We started like many of you. Our story begins in our parent's garage where we purchased a small screen printing machine off craigslist.  At the time, we didn’t know much, but we knew if we can offer quality work at a fair price, we can really hit the ground running. We quickly became known as the t shirt twins. Apparently, our formula for success worked. At 20 years old, we signed our contract to move into our first warehouse. 7 years later, we now have 4 automatic printing machines, 24 heads of embroidery, 1 digital printing machine, and a load of fun doing it!

What We Do

Deep Inventory

We carry thousands of products for you to choose from.

Screen Printing

The most common printing method for bulk orders.


The premium choice for designs requiring stitching.

Direct to Garment

The preferred method for full color designs.


We offer custom name and numbering options.


We make sure you receive your orders fast.

Why We Do It

We bring teams, companies, and events together through the power of custom merchandise. We've always loved working behind the scenes to help bring your projects to life. Whether this is your first time ordering or your a seasoned veteran, we're always one phone call away!

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