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About Us

About Us

Why Choose Garment Decor?

Because we're awesome and we have 6 traits that set us apart. 


Quick Turn Around Times

Our standard turn around time is 7 business days but we have the capacity to complete any size order within 3 business days.


Bulk Order Discounts

The more you order, the cheaper it gets. We offer competitive price breaks so you always get the lowest price possible! 


Wholesale Prices

We purchase our apparel in large volumes and we pass down our savings so you always receive wholesale prices. 


In-House Manufacturing

You deal direct with the manufacture when you are working with us. All of our equipment is at our headquarters.


No Minimums

We have no minimums on select products. We use direct to garment technology to create your full color designs on demand..


Free Setup Costs

We've eliminated screen costs from our screen printing services so you don't to pay extra when you order.  

Humble Beginnings

We've come along way from starting in our parent's garage.

Entrepreneurship Started Early

We’ve been cookin up t-shirts for as long as we can remember. Our story starts back in our parent’s garage. After finishing high school, we purchased a small, dusty screen printing machine off craigslist and fit the equipment in the corner of our garage. Here, we would live and breathe screen printing and pulled more all nighters than we can count. 

Quality Work At A Fair Price 

At the time, we didn’t know much, but we knew if we can offer quality work at a fair price, we can really hit the ground running. We quickly became known as the t shirt twins. Apparently, our formula for success worked. At 20 years old, we signed our first contract to move into our first warehouse. In 2018, our formula has remained the same, however, we've added a few ingredients. 

Our Formula For Success

Success doesn't come overnight and neither did our formula. We learned that quality work at a fair price is the basic essentials of running a successful business. Furthermore, we studied what our competitors did and simply went above and beyond including having the industries fastest turn around times, offering free setup costs, and giving wholesale prices on every order! 

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